Storied Neighborhood

Created by Popular Vote

In the 1850s—1860s, Hartford was a flourishing river town. With growth came some of the drawbacksof rapid expansion, including crowding and pollution. It was in this context (c. 1854) that Hartford’s populace voted to create a public park, the first in the nation to be entirely funded with public funds.

Bushnell Park visionaries included namesake Reverend Horace Bushnell, Swiss-born landscape architect and botanist Jacob Weidenmann, and later (1940s) the famed practice of Olmsted & Olmsted of Brookline, MA


Connecting the Cultural Narratives

Hartford is experiencing a decisive stage in the city’s history, marked by renewed energy and optimism. We are also mindful of what’s at stake:preserving the urban fabric that makes Hartford special and viable for sustained, long-term growth.

The iQuilt Plan is an urban design plan for downtown Hartford, which will “connect the exceptional assets” of the neighborhood: top-rated museums and performance spaces, historic landmarks, an expansive park system, modern architecture, and public art. The city and specifically downtown are also part of the “knowledge corridor,” extending from New Haven, CT, to Greenfield, MA, with 40+ universities and colleges.

The iQuilt initiative means connecting the varied and wonderful cultural resources that make Hartford extraordinary. Mixing pride with persistence, we are working together to get things done.

Between green space and cityscape.
Between legacy and development.
Welcome to The New Spectra Park.



Welcome to Spectra Park :)

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